Friday, August 12, 2011

Madison's First Play Date

My little girl is growing up. Today she had her friend Allie come over and play. Madison was so excited about having Allie come over to play. The only other child that has been over to play is cousin Caden, who is two years younger than Madison.

Madison and Allie met at Wee Ones last year. Madison and Allie also take dance together and this year are in the same class. They were so excited about seeing each other on the first day of dance class, that I decided we would invite her over to play at our house.

Having two 4 year olds in the house was a big change for me. There was twice the noise and mess! My husband who was off today made the comment as he was heading outside,"Now you know what it would be like to have twins." Not quite because at the end of the day one of them went home.

Madison and Allie had so much fun playing together. They played in the castle tent, made food out of play doh, and had a tea party. Allie enjoyed her stay so much she was not ready to leave to go home. I hope that we can get the girls together for another play date soon!


Anonymous said...

Aww...what cute pictures. They look like they had tons of fun. These are the times that make for great memories. I'm so glad they had so much fun. Your little girl sure is growing up. :-)

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Love the photos! It's obvious that they had a ton of fun :)