Monday, July 18, 2011

Learning to swim

This summer I decided that Madison should take swimming lessons. I can swim but I will not put my head under the water because, well it just plain scares me! My mother also has this fear. Madison loves water and has no fear of it. I wanted her to take swimming lessons while she is still unafraid of it. She took lessons for a week and loved it! I got to go watch her on the last day of her lessons and I was so excited! I got to watch her swim under water and above the water. I also got to watch her jump from the side of the pool into the water. She then decided that she was ready to jump off of the diving board and  she asked the teacher if she could try it. I am of course freaking out by the side of the pool. For one, this was her first time jumping off the diving board and two, I can just see her jumping off and not coming to the top. Luckily, she did her jump off of the diving board with no drama. I think I may have a few more gray hairs after that though! I am so glad that I decided to let her take swimming lessons and I think it has been good for her. Unfortunately she got swimmers ear the Sunday after her swimming lessons but we took her to the doctor and got her some drops and now she is as good as new. My husbands aunt has a pool and we have been taking Madison there to swim this summer. She stays in the water for hours and cries when she has to get out. I think we are going to be in trouble when the weather gets to cool for swimming!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo! I hope Madison has many more chances to swim before fall.

Cindy said...

I think having Madison take swimming lessons was a great idea. It will definitely benefit her in the years to come. I'm like you though - I don't like putting my head under water. I can look at a pool and get swimmer's ear. :-(