Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Looking back at summer 2009

While cleaning off my camera I came across some pictures of the summer of 2009. Yes, I said the summer of 2009. I never download the pictures off of my camera. I thought I would do a post and take a stroll down memory lane. The summer of 2009 some of my family rented a condo by the beach. Those on the trip were: me, my husband, my daughter, my mom and dad, my brother Brett and his wife, Christina, and their baby. Brett and Christina rode with us in our mini van. The first picture is of little Caden sleeping away on the long road trip. The second picture is of Madison. (can someone say "are we there yet") The third picture is my family on the beach not long after arriving. Next we have Brett and Nina minus Caden, in historic downtown Fernandina. Mimi and E(my mom and dad) had Caden in the ice cream shop having a snack and staying cool.  Some how I did not get a picture of my mom and dad on that trip. The next picture was taken after we ate breakfast at McDonald's and it was Madison's first time EVER climbing the play equipment on a playground. She got up there and wouldn't climb down so E-pa had to come to her rescue. Thank goodness for E! The next picture on the list is later on in the summer at a water park not far from our house. This was Madison's first trip to a water park and she loved it! The last picture shows what we spent our whole summer trying to learn to do, using the potty! Madison was not easily potty trained. I thought for sure that she would be starting to school and still wearing diapers. We finally thought we had her trained but then we took a week long trip to Disney World the end of September and that caused us have to start all over once we got home. She finally got the hang of the potty and that was a great day!  I didn't have any pictures of Disney on this camera so I will have to save those for another post another time. For now, this has been my stroll down memory lane.


Anonymous said...

Fun memories of fun times!

Cindy said...

What a cute collection of pictures. Is this the trip where Clint went around his elbow to get to his thumb? LOL

Looking at these pictures, it's hard to believe that Madison and Caden were ever that small. :-)

And, if I'm remembering correctly, everyone did the Happy Dance or the Potty Dance when Madison became potty trained. :-D

Good pictures and good stories. Keep 'em coming.

dashergirl01 said...

Thanks Cindy. No this was not the trip that he took us the LONG way home, that was coming home from Charleston when Madison was still a little baby. Ha! Ha! The potty dance was great! I wish we had video of that!